Think you can do better than Hollywood?

Here's your chance to prove it.

We're crowdmaking a movie, from idea to completed film. Here's how it works:

1. Your Idea should be a movie!

Submit your movie ideas; the best will rise to the top and move into Development.

2. Development

Ideas become stories; stories become screenplays. You help create and decide which ones succeed and become movies.

3. Community Movie

We're making a movie! Participate in casting and other key decisions in the production process.

4. Opening Night

Invite friends and family to your local cinema on opening night to watch the movie YOU made on the big screen. Top contributors will attend the red-carpet premier.

It all starts with an idea.

Which idea would make a better movie?

Gods in Time

A time travel machine transports 4 contestants (and a limited number of their chosen supplies) back to ancient times, where they use their supplies to compete to become Gods to the ancient people.

Adventure, Comedy, Drama, SciFi


Sleeping Giant

When a man is put in a life or death situation he finds out he has the ability to shape shift. Join him on his evolution to becoming God.

Action, Adventure, SciFi

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